3 Bad Workout Habits To Break


While workouts are really good for your health, they can be really bad for your skin if you don’t follow good habits. We all tend to develop a few bad habits before, during, or after workouts that ruin our skin health. A few such habits are as follows:

1. Applying too much makeup: Of course there are chances of meeting someone cute at the gym but not at the cost of a face full of pimples! That is why you must avoid makeup during workout sessions. When you exercise, you perspire profusely and that releases toxins. These toxins will have no place to go because of the makeup layer. As a result, they will stay on your skin and cause pimples.

2. Not Showering after workout: Whether you chose to only meditate or whether you did not sweat as much as you usually do, skipping showers is highly unadvisable. Sweat must not be the only reason why you shower.

3. Wiping your face with your hands: This is extremely icky but you have to understand. There are tons of people who use the same machine as you do and whether you like it or not, some of the germs are transferred to you when you use the machine. When you touch your face with these germ-laden hands. . we don’t think we need to explain this bit.

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