4 Makeup Hacks After A Sleepless Night


Not able to sleep well? Lack of sleep has a tendency to ruin your beauty because it starts showing on your face. You look dull and cranky. That can ruin your entire day. So, what do you do? Listen to us! 😉

  1. Hydrate: Use a super hydrating cream so that your skin looks great. Apply it before going to sleep or apply it in the morning before applying your routine makeup.
  2. Use Caffeine: Under eye bags are the worst. Avoid them by using an eye cream that consists of caffeine.
  3. Use a concealer with illumination: Of course, concealer is the go-to under these circumstances but you should understand that too much concealer could actually make things look worse. Go for color correction and then use lightweight concealer. Use one with shimmer so that your imperfections are obscured further.
  4. Pay attention to your eyelashes: Just using good mascara can change your entire look and make you seem fresh! First curl your curler and then apply mascara. We recommend a lengthening mascara.

Image Credits: IngaIvanova/ iStock/ Thinkstock Photos


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