5 Things To Do Before Going For A Bikini Wax


If you are going for a bikini wax, there are things that you should know. Your esthetician, in fact, prays that you know these! Find out here:

  1. If you are on your period, reschedule! There is no need to go for it and it is not even recommended. Estheticians can even refuse to do it for you. It is unsanitary and it will be more painful than you can imagine.
  2. During your bikini wax you will need to relax as much as possible. That’s not possible if you don’t eat food that agrees with you. Eat your comfort food and relax.
  3. Speak up if you would like to. That’s okay. If you want to talk to distract yourself, you should. If you want to keep quiet so you can think about other things, that’s okay too.
  4. You may take a pain killer before you go for it. Yes, it will pain a lot and a pain killer might help. Wine helps too. Take either but don’t ever take both.
  5. Trim your hair before you go in. Yes, do it. Don’t scalp it. Just trim it to maximum a quarter of an inch.

Image Credits: Karin Lau/ Hemera/ Thinkstock Photos


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