3 Rules of Makeup That You Can Easily Break


We know you are tired of hearing the adage, “rules are meant to be broken.” Well, here’s a slight modification that will make you love it: rules about makeup are meant to be broken!

When it comes to make up we are all slightly paranoid. We want it to be perfect, which is why we follow all the rules and instructions to the dot. Well, we have good news for you. There are some rules that you can bend without problems! Here are a few:

  1. You should always apply the concealer first. The foundation comes later: Why? Why should you apply concealer first? Use foundation to check how much coverage it offers and then use foundation if necessary on different spots. Doesn’t this make more sense?
  2. Products must only be used for the intended purpose: This is another rule that I personally break all the time. Cream blushes can double as lipsticks and highlighters can work as eyeshadows!
  3. Mascara should dry before you apply the second coat: Erm, no. It is much easier to apply mascara coats when the initial coat is still wet. It also makes more sense. If you apply the second coat over the first one, the dried bits will form clumps at the end.

Image Credits: moodboard/ moodboard/ Thinkstock Photos


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