How to wisely choose the perfect sunscreen for you


We all know the harmful effects of sun rays on our skin and our health. We also know that using a sunscreen is a good idea to keep the UV rays off our body. With a huge gamut of sunscreens flooding the market, it is difficult to pick the right one. Here’s your guide to choose the perfect sunscreen.

  • Choose the right SPF (Sun Protection Factor). This depends on the amount of time you want to spend out in the sun. If it is for short intervals, an SPF of 15 should suffice. But if you are out in the sun for long stretches, pick one that has a higher SPF (but not more than 50).
  • Your sunscreen should always be Broad spectrum. Essentially a lot of sunscreens just offer UVA protection. But UVB rays are also as responsible as UVA for causing skin damage and cancer. A broad spectrum sunscreen offers protection from both. So it is a smarter choice.
  • If there is sun, there shall be sweat (at least most of the times) It makes sense then to choose a sunscreen that is waterproof. That way the sweat won’t wash it away. A waterproof sunscreen also serves well if you want to dip in the sea or the pool.
  • Scan the contents list carefully when buying a sunscreen. Always remember to avoid chemicals such as Oxybenzone, Retinyl palmitate, and parabens, as these are known to cause cancer and also damage skin in the long run.
  • If you are pressed for time before rushing out of home, it is a good idea to consider buying spray-on sunscreens instead of the conventional creams. They are easier to apply in hard to reach areas and the work into the skin very quickly.

 Once you zero in on the best sunscreen for you, go face the sun with confidence!

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