How to keep dryness of hands at bay


Your hands secretly let out your real age, even if your beautiful face defies it. Dry hands become wrinkly and look old. Here are few tips to make them look young, moisturized, and beautiful again.

  • Stay off soap! They wreak havoc with your skin, drying them out. Wash your hands only when you have to, and keep water usage to the minimal. Whenever you do wash, use soap free cleansers that contain NO alcohol.
  • Omega-3 is a saviour to your hands. Omega3 supplements are wonderful in terms of rendering your skin healthy and glowing.
  • Use vinyl gloves when doing the dishes. Detergents are far worse than soap. They rob your hands of natural oils and renders them stretchy and dry.
  • Always moisturize your hands at bed time! This way, the moisturizer gets more time to work into your skin. An ideal way to do it, is to first wash hands with warm water to open up pores, apply a good moisturizer and then wear cotton gloves all night. You will wake up to beautifully soft hands.
  • This tip is sure to garner thank yous. Make a mixture of extra virgin olive oil and sugar. Now get scrubbing off the dead skin cells gently. Massage the scrub into your hands covering the entire area. Now wash off with Luke warm water and dry your hands with a paper towel. Your hands will feel incredibly soft and smooth.
  • Invest in a nice body brush (with natural bristles) and get dry brushing your hands. This thing works like magic!

Now have younger looking, and softer feeling hands, like never before. Your hands deserve it!

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