How to smooth out aging skin


Who wouldn’t kill to take years off their skin? In a bid to look younger we have all indulged in various tactics, most of which were outright silly. Some of us have given up hope. But tell you what, there are actually a few tips that truly work!

Here’s what you can do to have a bouncier, younger, and glowing skin:

  • Retinol is the magic key, you always wanted. This wonder vitamin A molecule helps boost collagen, even out discoloration, and tighten pores. Research proves, retinol helps stimulate cell turnover making the skin look younger and smoother. When looking for anti-aging creams, look for this wonder ingredient in it and you are sorted.
  • Get cardio-ing. A great cardio workout can make your skin thicker and more resilient to damage. (Thin skin is more prone to wrinkles). So get on that exercise bike right now.
  • Give your face an invigorating massage every once in a while. It not only helps boost blood circulation in the face, but also reduces eye puffiness, crow’s feet and sags in the cheeks.
  • Eat your veggies. They are vitamin rich anti-aging powerhouses that protect skin from UV damage, reduce skin inflammations and regenerate skin’s collagen. While you are at it, ensure you eat whole foods rather than processed ones or supplements.

Melt away the years from your face and look as young as you feel inside. Go girl!

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