How to make your eyes appear big and beautiful in minutes


If you have naturally small eyes and want them to appear bigger and brighter there are quite a few make up tricks that can make your peepers pop beautifully.

Here are a few tricks:

  • Embrace the versatile white eyeliner. Apply it generously on your water line to make your eyes appear larger by creating a deceiving illusion.
  • Use an eyelash curler and get curling your lashes. Curled lashes opens up your eyes. You can apply a volumnizing mascara for an added pop.
  • Stay clear of black eyeliner! If you must apply it, only use it to draw a small line that is very close to your lash line to accentuate your eye lashes. Applying a heavy coat on the upper lids will make your eyes appear smaller than they already are.
  • Use light and bright shades for eye shadows. Dark colours make your eyes appear smaller. Try colours like pink, light blue, taupe and shimmery beige.
  • Go easy on the blush. Too much blush on the cheek bones make them appear higher and contract the appearance of your eyes. If you can, choose lighter tones over darker ones.

Now go flaunt bigger peepers and look sexy!

Image Credits: lanych/ iStock/ Thinkstock Photos


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