The art of colour mixing outfits


Only know that black goes with white or grey and know nothing else about mixing colours without looking funny?

Here’s a lowdown on everything you know about mixing colours:

  • Keep it all in the family. Jewel tones go with jewel tones, earth goes with earth and pastels go with pastels. You never go wrong with this rule.
  • Get a colour wheel and use it. It’s a breeze to find out complimentary colours with the help of this tool. Pick a colour and pair it with a colour right opposite it on the colour wheel and you can’t go wrong. The reason black and white look so great are because they are opposites. Get the point?
  • Different shades of the same colour also look great. It gives it an ombre look and its super safe we say.
  • If you don’t just get how the whole colour mixing thing works, pick a nice print from your favourite designer, break down its colours and then build your whole outfit around it. Wear the most dominating print colour in large pieces of clothing and then go in the descending order.

Now go mixing like a pro and look perfect every time!

Image Credits: adisa/ iStock/ Thinkstock Photos


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