How to look stylish 24×7!


Some people manage to look stylish 24×7, even in their pyjamas! What makes them look so ritzy we wish to know? We spend the money, we make the effort, but something’s a miss.

Well here’s letting you in on the secrets of looking ultra-stylish always:

  • Don’t ever compromise on the quality of your basic wear. Your jeans, your classic white shirt, your little black dress and your denim jacket should all be of high quality and neat cuts. It makes all the difference.
  • Understand your body type. Don’t go for crop tops or flared jeans if they don’t suit your body. Do hell with what’s trending! Believe in setting trends, not following them.
  • Always plan your outfits way in advance. Whether its work, weekends, parties or whatever. Planning ahead helps you imagine your look, check your comfort level, and alter your look depending on what suits you best.
  • Have a signature go-to look that you can rely on when you have nothing else to rely on. It could be jeans, shorts or a favourite dress. Choose what suits you best and keep that ‘uniform’ ready all the time.
  • Believe that style isn’t about labels. It is about pulling off anything with élan. Feel confident and comfortable outfit and it will reflect on your face and posture, upping your style quotient.

Go look spiffy and stylish!

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