DIY deodorant made with coconut oil


We are living in a scary world with just about everything scaring us about cancer. We don’t know which food or beauty item is capable of ruining our lives forever! In such times, something natural is a welcome change. Here’s a DIY natural deodorant that you are going to love:

You will need:

  1. Coconut oil: 1 tbsp.
  2. Cornstarch: 1 tbsp.
  3. Baking soda: 1 tbsp.
  4. Lavender essential oil: 1 drop
  5. Funnel
  6. Bowl (microwave safe)
  7. Container


  1. Add baking soda and coconut oil in the bowl
  2. Microwave for 60 seconds
  3. Stir the components well to avoid grittiness
  4. Add cornstarch
  5. Now add lavender essential oil. You can also choose peppermint oil instead
  6. Now using your funnel, transfer this to the container.
  7. You can apply it like a balm.

This simple DIY deodorant works wonders. It is tried and tested!

Image Credits: Magone/ iStock/ Thinkstock Photos


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