Sensitive Skin Help


Do you have sensitive skin? Here are a few things you should know about:

1. Even hypoallergenic and natural products can cause irritation. Just because the label says so, doesn’t mean they are safe. Talk to your doctor before using a product thus.

2. Doctors are there for a reason. Don’t try finding out the problem yourself. If you are starting a skincare regimen, talk to your doctor and make sure you are going the right way. Trying anything new can have bad effects on your skin.

3. Sure you can’t spray fragrance on your skin but remember you can do it on your clothes. Don’t give up. Spritz it on your clothes and smell great!

4. Soap is not for you. Using too much soap can cause a lot of irritation. It can also cause dryness. Bathe with cool water. Hot water can also dry your skin.

5. Don’t expose your skin to sunlight. Cover as much as possible when you are out and apply sunscreen for protection.


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