4 mouth-watering Oreo hacks!


It’s been more than a century since the delicious Oreo cookies hit the market but the popularity of these black and white cookies is only rising ever since. The cookies are best loved, dunked in milk, but over time Oreo’s legions of fans have come up with sinfully amazing innovations that have made this iconic cookie what it is today.

If you can do with some brilliant Oreo hacks too, here are they:

  • Throw in two cookies in your glass of hot chocolate. The cookies will gradually break down and blend into the chocolate. The best part is that the cookie and cream break down at different speeds transitioning the taste of your hot chocolate bit by bit. Try it. It’s almost magic.
  • Crumble a few Oreos and throw them in an ice tray. Cover the cookie crumbles with milk and shove them in the freezer. Brew a rich cup of black coffee and add the Oreo milk cubes. The velvety smooth latte with a subtle taste of Oreo will make you drool.
  • Soak the Oreo cookies in milk for a minute and then carefully plate them in a circular shape. Drizzle the layer with a coffee concoction and repeat. Once you have 5-7 layers, drizzle hot chocolate sauce and devour the gooey, delectable piece of heaven.
  • Spear the cookies with lollipop sticks and dip it in white or dark chocolate. Coat it with marshmallows, nuts, or sprinkles and the resultant Oreo pops will taste so delicious, it will almost make life difficult.

There you go! Use the inspiration and whip up your own Oreo magic. What are you waiting for?


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