Adorable Little River Rose Takes Instagram by Storm


First time meditating?

Recently, Kelly Clarkson posted an adorable picture of her baby girl, River Rose, on Instagram. It appears the toddler was meditating in New York City’s Central Park.

“I’m so thankful for my amazing family & friends!! Especially this little nugget 🙂 River can’t be bothered right now. She’s meditating. #sheistotallythinkingaboutfood HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYBODY!! :)” the singer wrote as the caption of the photo.

Little River is soon going to have responsibility on her shoulders, because she is all set to become a big sister!

33-year-old Clarkson announced in August that she is expecting a son with Brandon Blackstock, her husband.

Earlier this year, she revealed that she was really nervous about having another baby because River is “perfect.”

“I feel like something horrible’s gonna come out of me. Because she’s so great– like, the yin to her yang,” she said.

“But I won’t put that out there,” she added. “I’m gonna project happiness.”

Image Credits: Rick Diamond/ Getty Images Entertainment/ Thinkstock Photos


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