Mark Zuckerberg’s sweet video to daughter Max


Mark Zuckerberg and wife Dr. Priscilla Chan welcomed their new-born Maxima Chan Zuckerberg early last week and the new parents can’t stop gushing about it.

They have gone on to create a baby time capsule with a very powerful message dedicated to their daughter Max.

The heart-warming video that the Facebook CEO posted on his social media platform was recorded before the little one’s arrival and is now going viral.

Zuckerberg, 31, said he and his Dr Wife took a morning weeks, before the bub’s arrival, to reflect and record their hopes for their daughter and all the children of her generation and then came up with this time capsule idea. The proud father added that it will be deeply meaningful to show this to their daughter one day.

In the video that lasts 2 minutes, the couple shares their hopes for their daughter’s future and all things that they want to see improved in the world for her. The new father shared that “The only way we reach our full human potential is if we unlock the potential of every person around the world,” in the video.

Priscilla added that they need to make sure that the investments and programs ensure that the future is not going to be like today but better.

The Zuckerbergs even went on to announce the Chan Zuckerberg initiative that was founded with the intention to advance human potential and promote equality. Looks like there a promise here. Promise for a better future.

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