Gillian Anderson says her daughter tried to warn her about the fashion disaster


It happens to celebs as well. Just like we run out of time and put on whatever we can find, Gillian Anderson, found herself throwing in something without thought for a recent theater event. Only, “it did not photograph well.”

Originally, she had planned to keep her photo shoot hairstyle and wear clothing accordingly. Well, since it was style with wax for the shoot, she had no choice.

“It was really greasy,” says the 47-year-old star. “It looked great but if you try and wear that in your real life then it looks like you have not washed your hair for a year and a half.”

Her entire evening slipped away, apparently. “Everything – bath, dinner, homework – took so long that I started to get ready about 20 minutes before I was meant to leave,” she adds. “So I pulled something out of my closet, literally the first thing I put on and found some costume jewelry. Just anything to get me out of the door.”

She tied her hair up in a bun. “I had on an oversized dress that had no waist to it and actually the top part over my boobs was just this chunky, it was just not, yeah,” she says, laughing.

Her 21-year-old daughter tried to stop her and warn her too. “She was like, ‘Mom, I just don’t know. It like hangs. Are you sure?’ And I was like, ‘It’s fine, it’s fine, I’ve got to go!’ “

“There I am with greasy hair up in a bun. Not a good look,” she says. “But it was for a good cause.”

Image Credits: Dan Kitwood/ Getty Images Entertainment/ Thinkstock Photos


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