Ryan Reynolds Was Not Always A Heartthrob


Ryan Reynolds was People’s 2010 Sexiest Man Alive and his smoldering looks have swept many, many, MANY off their feet.

Can you believe it, then, that he wasn’t always so hot? Well, he wasn’t. the 39-year-old says that he was not always as amazing with ladies as he is today.

“I went through puberty at 27!” Reynolds joked during an appearance on The Graham Norton Show. “It was a freak thing, yeah it was not good!”

He also spoke about his first crush. He was 11. Her name was Fiona. He donned the Don Johnson look to impress her.

“She used to take the bus the opposite way of my actual home. I would get on the bus just to sit next to her for 45 minutes the wrong way!” said Reynolds.

He added, “When you’re young it’s so cute, when you’re old it’s just stalking.”

Blake Lively, his wife, probably adores his past as well.

Image Credits: Ethan Miller/ Getty Images Entertainment/ Thinkstock Photos


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