Bill Clinton credits his existence to his vegan diet


No non-vegetarian here. Bill Clinton strictly follows a plant-based diet.

He was campaigning with his wife in Las Vegas recently and he visited Simply Pure, a vegan café. He was in great spirits, apparently.

Clinton said, “I’d weigh 50 pounds more if I lived here because this looks so good. This is great. A lot better than what I eat. I like all the Italian stuff. Lasagna, I like the chili enchiladas, they nailed the meat substitute stuff. It used to be when I started this, it was inedible. It’s so much better now.”

Finally, he ate green chili enchiladas and took a nacho sampler to go. “This is unbelievable,” he said about the nachos.

The former president turned vegan a few years ago after heart problems. He says that the plant-based diet helped him survive. “I might not be around if I hadn’t become a vegan,” he said.

“[My doctor] asked me to eat organic salmon once a week. I do, but I’d just as soon be without it. The vegan diet is what I like the best … I have more energy, I never clog. For me the no dairy thing, because I had an allergy, has really helped a lot. And I feel good.”

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