This is what Lea Michele loves most in herself


Lea Michele flaunted her abs the other day but that’s not the only asset she loves.

“For being only 5’3”, I have to say I really like my legs. And my butt’s not bad,” admits the 29-year-old. “I’m grateful for that, too!

Considering her workouts, we wouldn’t even call that bragging! Whoever follows her on Instagram knows how much she works out. “I rotate between hiking and hot yoga and then the occasional spin class. I bought a bike so I can do spin classes in my house! I’m down for trying anything!”

Plus, she is always smiling during her exercise! “I only do workouts that I enjoy. I [won’t] drag myself to do something that I don’t enjoy because just it’s going to make me lose weight or burn calories.”

 “I need to leave feeling Zen,” she says. So, she makes sure the music is soft and the lights are the right brightness when she starts exercising.

Talking about food and beauty products that she uses, she makes sure it is all healthy and vegan. Burt’s Bees is one of her favorite brands. She has also teamed up with them to spread awareness about saving bees.

Her famous friends Gwyneth Paltrow and Kate Hudson apparently inspired her to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Calling them “role models,” Michele explains, “I worked with Gwyneth and Kate on Glee and learned from both of them that being healthy is something you should do because it brings you joy.” So she swears by these words: “Everything you do, you should do is because it makes you feel good and genuinely makes you happy.”

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