Charlie Sheen requests reduction in child support amount


Charlie Sheen has requested that the amount he pays to his ex Brooke Mueller for child support be reduced. He is currently paying for their twins Bob and Max.

Apparently, he pays $55,000 every month for their children. Even though he has requested a reduction, he has not mentioned the new amount.

He says that because his income has dramatically decreased from when the agreement was made, the amount should be reconsidered. Back then, he was making $613,000.

He sold his rights of Two and a Half Men for $26,750,000 and he admits to it but he says he is earning around $87,384 per month on an average and that is why he cannot pay as much now.

He added in his request that he spends $105,000 for bills and fees and $25,000 for medical costs that his insurance does not cover. He revealed recently that he is HIV positive. His legal fees goes to 1 million and his credit card debt comes to $600,000.

A hearing has been scheduled on April 13 for the same.

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