Adam Levine Expresses his shock and grief over Prince death


Adam Levine and Prince were pretty close. They spent many nights jamming with Prince and covering his songs. Post his death, Adam Levine has opened up about the impact he has had on him

“[I’ll remember] just the great times that we had and just constantly being inspired by how he did things his way [and]never let anybody deter what he wanted to accomplish creatively and musically,” Levine told said. “As a musician, I can’t tell you how much that’s rubbed off on me.”

“Lucky to call him a friend,” he added. “[I] didn’t get to see him enough, you know, especially towards the end.”

Right now, he is “still kind of processing everything. I’m still really shocked . . . I’m gonna miss the guy so much,” he said.

Christina Aguilera also expressed her grief. She said there “was no plastic or manufacturing” when it came to the singer’s life and work. “It’s sad that we lost somebody so epic. His talent was so genuine and authentic. I think that’s a lesson and a great inspiration for every future artist of any generation.”

Added Pharrell Williams, “It’s just really hard to imagine that someone only on this planet 57 years could just have that kind of emotional intelligence and depth in his music the way that he did. It’s so much music and so layered and so many styles. It’s heavy and I feel like now that we’ve lost him, there’s a hole in the ether.”

Prince was found in an elevator, unresponsive, and was declared dead within 25 minutes.


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