Hillary Clinton Does her Own Hair


A number of women in politics have been criticized in the past for spending too much money and time on their hair. Hillary Clinton is a rare exception.

“I do not travel with any hairdresser, or anybody, to help me do that,” Clinton said.

“It just got to be really burdensome to try to find a hairdresser in some city, somewhere, oftentimes not being able to speak English, that at least I could communicate with,” she added, making it clear that she doesn’t visit the salon before travelling.

“It became simpler to just grow it so that I can pull it back, and I can stick rollers in,” she said.

However, she also said that she is not an expert at styling. “I’m not very competent myself. I’ve been admitting that for years, which should be obvious to everyone,” she joked.

“It’s fascinating to me how people are so curious about it,” she shared when asked if so many people taking interest in her looks bothers her.


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