How to deal with a two-year-old’s temper tantrums


“Having a two year old is like having a blender. But you don’t have a top for it” – Jerry Seinfeld.

The ‘terrible two’ is an age, your child probably will get the most difficult (before hitting teens of course!) Two year old toddlers often resort to crying as a sole means of communication and use it as a tool to get their way all the time. They throw a fit of tantrum at the drop of hat and that can leave parents frustrated and annoyed.

If you have a two year old who seems to be on a mission to ruin your peace, here’s what you can do to control his temper tantrums:

  • You need to calm down first. While it’s natural to get worked up when your child is bawling for no reason, screaming back at them is only going to cause them to scream louder and frazzle you more. Hold on to your anger and calm down. Sit alongside your kid and try reasoning with them instead. If they are flailing wildly, just wait patiently till things settle down a bit and then start reasoning.
  • Toddlers often have little control over their lives. Because of lack of strong communication skills, they fail to fix things by themselves and they resort to crying. Instead of asking them to stop wailing over and over again, find out the cause for it all. Oftentimes you will find that it was a silly problem that you could fix in minutes and make your child calm and happy again.
  • Lastly, make sure your child does not get too hungry or too tired. They are often at their worst during those times. Also, give them a period of acclimatisation when transitioning from one situation to the next. Letting them know how many minutes the have before you begin the next thing will help them mentally prepare rather than be thrown off at the sudden decision.

There you go! Follow the above and you will be at better peace with yourself and your little toddler. These times won’t last. So make the most of it. Happy parenting.


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