Fun Weekend Family Activities


Weekdays are busy with you and your hubby at work and your kids having a hard time at school. You only get the weekend to chill out, relax and to be with each other. It’d be ideal for you to thus make the most of the weekends and have some family fun. You don’t need to shell out big bucks for it. Here are simple tips for having fun in a budget:

1. Indoor games: Indoor games with the family are ultimate fun. You can also spend a lot of time with your kids. There are a lot of indoor games to pick from and you can get your kids pick their favorites. If you have more kids, you can take time out whole day and fix a schedule. While you can play games with your younger kids in the morning, you can play with the older ones later in the day while your younger ones get some sleep.

2. Baking day: You can spend time with your kids and also make a great number of goodies. Spending such time together is a very special and enjoyable time. You could search for various recipes and choose something that everyone unanimously votes for.

3. Movie theater at home: If the weather is not really friendly, you can pass time with you family with a double or triple movie schedule. You can rent classics, get some popcorn, lay some pillows and blankets in the hall and have amazing fun!

4. Gardening: Gardening gives you a lot of satisfaction and a very pleasant feeling. It is a very good idea thus to garden with your family. There are so many activities that each member of your family will be engaged. Also, if your kids participate in planting fruits and vegetables, they will eat them happily without fussing about them!


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