Fun Family Games at the Dinner Table


If you want to connect with your family, there is no better place to do so than at the dinner table. You may not have noticed that yet because most of you have dinner with the TV on. Turn the TV off from now and spend some time together. Here are a few games ideas for you to play at the dinner table:

1. Dinner guests: Ask each member of your family who they’d like to invite for dinner and why. The guest can be just about anyone from any time period. You will have an insight into your kids’ life through this game. You’ll know how much they actually know about history or how much celebrities influence them!

2. Finish the story: This is just like an updated version of the game Telephone. Begin a story and each person will take turns to finish it. As dinner comes to an end, work out a conclusion for your story too!

3. Reviewing the day: This can be fun because you will not only get to know about each one’s day, you will also have a few laughs thanks to the rules of the games. Each family member has to pick a letter than he can’t use in his description. He will have to use different words to substitute and that can help as a vocabulary exercise.


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