Paper Airplane Fun


Paper airplanes are a huge hit with kids. These are fun to play with and the best part is that they can play indoors without causing havoc.

Firstly, teach them how to fold the airplanes. Teach them the basics so that they start making their own planes. To make it more fun you can use colored papers. You can use one color for each team in order to differentiate. Teach them how to fly their plane too so that they see it soar and find delight in it.

It is time to start playing! Draw a line for them to stand behind and throw their planes. You can also set up a target to make it more competitive. You could also teach kids about teamwork from this game. You could have the kids play a relay game. One throws it; the other catches it, and launches it again. Get creative and try a few things with these planes. The entire family can have a lot of fun with these.


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