Spring Bug Craft Fun


Spring is here! It is time to enjoy nature and everything that it brings to us.

The weather is now beautiful, the flowers are starting to blossom, and the trees are happily swaying in the wind. There are cute little insects everywhere.

How about replicating these insects? How about making your own spring bug through crafts? Read on for an excellent idea!

You will need:

  1. Zip-close sandwich bag: 1
  2. Wooden clothes pin: 1
  3. Sequins, markers, or paint
  4. Twist pie or pipe cleaner
  5. Wiggle eyes: 2
  6. Craft glue
  7. Snack mix


  1. Let your kids work on their imagination and come up with their own version of a butterfly using the sequins, markers, or paint and the clothespin.
  2. If they are using paint, let the paint dry. Once it dries, use glue to attach the wiggle eyes to the head of the butterfly.
  3. Take the snacks and fill the sandwich bags with them.
  4. Ensure that you pinch the snack bag right in the middle using the pin. The antenna should slip under this pin.
  5. If you want, you can also use stickers to make wings.

Photo Credits: Enokson


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