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Modern times are upon us. We all have a gadget or two to keep us engaged and we forget to have an actual ‘life’.

There are cell phones, computers, laptops, iPods, and oh what not! Where is the time to turn around and look at people around you? I’d say drop those gadgets and spend some quality time with your family so as to connect.

We all have busy lives but that doesn’t mean you forget your family all together! Here are a few outdoor activities that you could enjoy with your family:

  1. Gardening: Gardening lets you connect and also teach your kids a thing or two. They can learn how to be responsible and creative. Also, kids will be more interested in eating vegetables they plant. That will help you inculcate good eating habits in your kids!
  2. Cycling: You don’t have to worry about the gas prices skyrocketing because you can always go cycling! It is healthy and will help you have lots of fun together. Plus, it is good for the environment! This is probably the most fun activity ever!
  3. Camping: Camping is affordable and lets you get close to your family like nothing else. There are plenty of parks that allow camping. Take some time out this weekend and go out with your family to have some fun while camping.

Photo Credits: Loren Kerns


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