Yoga Poses For Kids


Yoga has been proven to be very beneficial. Why not make it a family activity and include your kids as well.

There are plenty of yoga poses for kids that are not just helpful but also enjoyable. Here are three poses ideal for kids:

  1. Bridge: Make your child lie down on her back straight. Her knees and feet should be close to each other, flat on the ground. After that, help her raise her hip while bringing her feet close to her buttocks. This pose will give your child energy, ankle stability, and leg strength.
  2. Doggy: Ask your child to form the tabletop position. This position is excellent because she will love doing it. Make sure your child is standing in a triangle with her head hanging between her arms and her feet on the ground [not tiptoe]
  3. Crescent Moon: Ask your child to stand straight and join her hands above her head after stretching them as far as possible. Make her cross her thumbs. Now ask her to bend to one direction as far as she can go. Ask her to hold the position for a couple of seconds and then repeat in the other direction.

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