Treasure Hunt For Your Kids


Want to make it a fun day for the entire family? You have numerous ideas to explore.

Kids love treasure hunts. Why not make the next trip to the park fun by arranging a treasure hunt? It would be exciting and you will get to spend some quality time with them!

Treasure Hunt For Your Kids

Here is an excellent treasure hunt idea for you:


You will need:


  1. Images of things that your kids should find on the treasure hunt
  2. Egg carton
  3. Glue




  1. Check the Internet and find various treasure hunt items. Get your kid involved and choose around 10 items that he’d be interested in finding.
  2. Print the images that you select and use glue to paste them in the slots of the egg carton. Paste one image in each slot.
  3. Give your child an opportunity to decorate his treasure chest in the manner that he likes. Getting him involved right from the start is ideal.
  4. Now hunt the park for all the treasures! You can start easy by going to a park that you frequent. After a few hunts, you can proceed to a park that you didn’t visit before so that the game becomes challenging for your kid.

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