10 Baby Named Inspired By Jim Carrey Movies


Looking for an adorable name for your baby? Not able to find anything suitable?

Well, we have answers for all the Jim Carrey fans! How about skimming through his movies and finding an appropriate name? We have compiled a beautiful list of names and their meanings for you:

  1. Ace: First in luck or unity
  2. Stanley: Someone who lives by the stony field
  3. Chip: Chip simply means man!
  4. Joe: Joe is usually short for Joseph.
  5. Andy: Brave or manly
  6. Charlie: Charlie and Chip have the same meaning.
  7. Walter: Strong fighter
  8. Steven: Crown
  9. Scott: Someone from Scotland
  10. Tom: Twin

Image Credits: Jose Luis Pelaez Inc/ Blend Images/ Thinkstock Photos


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