3 Things You Should NOT Resolve This New Year


What is your New Year resolution? As the year comes to an end, we all resolve to do a number of things and put our bodies through a lot of trouble. This especially happens when we look at our bodies and see that we are either overweight or aren’t toned or something along the same lines. These resolutions will only stress your body without giving you the result you want. That is why you should resolve not to make a few resolutions this year. Some of them are as follows:

  1. Resolving to lose weight: Instead of focusing on changing the number glaring at you from the weighing scale, you should resolve to start eating tasty and healthy food that will help your body function properly.
  2. Resolving to tone up: Toning up within a month will not give you any satisfaction or happiness unless your happiness depends on compliments alone. The right way to tone up is to exercise through things that you love such as gardening, running, and having fun.
  3. Resolving to look better: Applying makeup just so you look polished for someone else will not give you any pleasure. Polish your look, change your hairstyle, and wear makeup only if it makes YOU happy.

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