How to deal with that wretched migraine (without drugs)


Migraine causes a debilitating pain in the head that becomes intolerable after a point. If you are a sufferer, don’t just reach out to your pain medication yet. Pain killers are said to cause the pain to bounce back with more severity, once it’s gone.

There are quite a few alternative options that you can try to help deal with the pain.


Here they are:

  • A good calming massage can effectively soothe a headache. Muscle tension that develops in your head due to the pain, can cause the pain to get worse. A deep tissue massage on not just the head, but shoulders and neck too, can help calm down the pain.


  • Try using nutritional supplements. While magnesium is said to remove blood vessel spasms, Vitamin B12 helps release muscle tension.


  • Go to an experienced acupuncture practitioner. Needles hurt far less than the intense migraine pain. Acupuncture relieves tension, and soothes the nerves. 2-3 sessions can help a great deal, if done right.


  • Eat healthier. Avoid common headache triggers like caffeine, artificial sweeteners, fast food and gluten. Also stay well hydrated at all times. This helps reduce the accumulation of toxins in the body while controlling the no. of migraines attacks.


  • Try yoga. Certain breathing techniques prescribed in yoga, revs up oxygen in your body, causing the headache to dissipate quicker. A few poses such as a child pose or a down dog can also comfort you.


So, say goodbye to drugs, and attack that wretched migraine attack.

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