Things to keep in mind before weight training


Weight training is hugely beneficial for not just building strong lean muscle mass but also for building bone density and toning the body. Everyone should incorporate weight training in their routine. But before jumping into it, make sure you are well versed with the knowhow of weight training. Else, weight training might be dangerous without sufficient knowledge.

Here’s what you should keep in mind when attempting to weight train:

  • Always eat a carbohydrate rich fruit, before you work out. Yeah, many swear by the fact, that exercising on an empty stomach is best for weight loss, but that’s totally a myth. A little fruit snack, will get glucose fuelling your body, for a better exercise and a better after recovery. It also jazzes up your metabolism!
  • Be warm, not cold. This one isn’t just a moral value. J Always ensure your body is all warmed up before you eye those dumbbells. This will not only activate your metabolism, but also prevent injuries to your muscles. So go stretch stretch and jog jog, before you pick weights.
  • When you are lifting weights, always make sure you start with weights, which are lighter than the one you are looking to use, and do a few reps with the lighter weight to prepare your muscles.
  • Focus more on exercises that work out several groups of muscles at a time. Engaging multiple muscles together ensure a better workout and prevent bulking up. (unless that’s what you are intending to do)
  • Don’t ever lock your knee joints, elbow joints or hip joints when exercising. Locking them with jerks are an idiot proof way of injuring yourself because it applies pressure on the precious bone cartilage instead of the bone itself, wearing it down.
  • Don’t hold your breath when you make that difficult lift, or that life taking bend. Keep taking deep breaths for optimum oxygen flow into the body. This will ensure, you don’t get tired too quickly.
  • Take care of your spine. It is as important as the thinking organ in your brain. Take special care not strain your back and always choose to do back strengthening exercises before attempting to lift heavy weights
  • Always nourish your tired muscles with protein as soon as you are done working out to aid muscle tear repair.

Now go, strength train like a pro and build a fitter and healthier body. 🙂

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