How to keep your eyes healthy


With most of us having to spend our entire day in front of our mobile and laptop screens, maintaining eye optimum eye health is very important.

Here’s how you can take care of your peepers:

  • Start with improving your food choices. Eat foods that contain lutein, zinc, and omega 3 to ward off muscular degeneration over time, affecting your vision. Eating well and staying off junk food, also decreases your chances of developing diabetes, one of the leading causes of adult blindness.
  • Kick the butt. Smoking causes optic nerve damage accelerating your chances of getting cataracts.
  • Always wear sun protective glasses when stepping out of home during the day. UV rays from the sun, can harm your eyes and cause temporary blindness. These rays also weaken the eye muscles over time.
  • Always wear safety eye wear, when working with hazardous airborne materials and while playing sports. Eye injuries more often than not, leave permanent issues.
  • Take a break from the screen. Don’t stare at it continuously for long periods of time. It can cause eyestrain, blurriness, and headaches. Wear glasses that cut out the glare from the screen and shut the screen for a few minutes at regular intervals to give your eye some rest.

Go, get those peepers back to their pink of health.

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