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With the world waking up to fitness, most of us have enrolled into gyms and have set weight goals for ourselves.  Working out is the best thing you can do for yourself, so cheers to a new start. Here are some great tips that you can use when working out to make sure it goes all smooth.

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  • If you have extremely sore muscle spots, use an ice packed wrapped in thin towel for instant relief. Once you feel a little better, use a heat belt to get more blood into the pain spots and heal them quicker.
  • If your ankles hurt, face a wall and stand so your right foot is in front of the left one. Now bend your right knee while keeping your left foot straight and press your hips forward. Hold for 20 seconds and then switch legs. Do this 3-5 times to give your ankles a good soothing stretch.
  • If you got a side cramp, place your hand over your stomach firmly and deeply inhale and exhale a few times. Ensure your belly rises and falls with each breath and you will feel better in no time.
  • If you experience severe muscle cramps, take a break from exercising and hydrate yourself. Having a sports drink is also a wise idea because it can restore the body’s electrolyte balance apart from hydrating it.
  • If you have worked your muscle to failure you will know if feel a sharp burning sensation in your muscle n you are unable to keep your form. Time to stop exercising and giving your body a rest.

 Armed with these tips, go work out hard and achieve your fitness goals. Happy health making!

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