How to know if you have poor blood circulation


If your fingers and toes are always cold, you can tell that you have a poor blood circulation in the body. Your arterial blood vessels get damaged overtime by smoking, excess fat, poor physical health, hypertension, elevated blood sugar levels, high lipid levels, etc. A poor blood circulation in the body can harm your internal organs, cause fatigue, lessen your brain power and age you sooner than you think.

How to know if you have poor blood circulation in your body?

Well, here are the signs that you should look for:

  • If you consistently suffer from poor digestion and constipation, chances are your blood circulation is not optimum. Healthy digestion requires a steady blood flow to the stomach. Now you know.
  • If your nails have become rigged, weak or flaky, it may mean that there is no adequate blood flow in the body. Strong nails have nutrients delivered to them by blood.
  • If you suffer from chronic hair loss, it is a sign that your hair follicles are weak because there isn’t enough blood flow in your scalp to deliver nutrients and stimulate them.
  • If you experience discoloration in your fingers and toes (if they appear white or pale blue) when exposed to cold temperatures, you might be having cyanosis, which is a result of poor blood circulation.
  • If your circulatory system isn’t taking enough load it leaves fluids (oedema) in your hands and feet, causing swelling. If you experience swelling often, go get checked.
  • Random spells of dizziness especially when rising quickly after sitting for a long time can mean less than adequate blood flow in the brain.

There you go! Look out for these signs and if you find any, consult a doctor as soon as possible to get it sorted. Happy living!

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