Essential nutrients that you probably aren’t getting enough of


Nutrients! You can never get enough of them. Your body needs essential nutrients to keep functioning optimally. Unfortunately, we are living in a time where work stress, junk food, and obscure meal times have made it difficult for us to consume nutrients that are super important for us.

Here’s a low down on what you should do to up your nutrition intake:

  • Make sure you are eating quality macro nutrients. Macro nutrients are what comprise your proteins, carbs, and fats. We all need sufficient amount of proteins and carbs but deriving them from Cheetos, processed bread, or your regular soda is not a wise option. Make sure you get your requirements from nutrition dense foods. Have healthy oils, whole breads, and lean meat for starters. Also, stay away from processed food. Keep your food as closely linked to its natural form as possible.
  • Keep yourself hydrated. It is important to drink more water than what is just required to keep you alive. Water helps oxygen transport, blood circulation, and optimum organ functioning. It also helps keep your skin supple. Grab a drink whenever possible.
  • Popeye was right. Spinach is a super food thanks to its iron content. Although spinach will not give you any super powers or muscles the size of a storey, iron will help oxygen absorption in the body and prevent lethargy. It will also give you strength, endurance and resistance to diseases. Make sure you are not only consuming enough iron, but also improving your body’s iron absorption by combining it with the correct food. Incorporate seafood, lean red meat, pumpkin seeds, beans, and of course spinach in your diet right now.
  • Fibre is something that shouldn’t go amiss in your diet. The whole juicing trend has decreased our fibre intake and that is leading to problems with digestion and excretion. Lack of adequate fibre consumption also increases your risk of weight gain and chronic illnesses including diabetes and heart diseases. A minimum of 25-35 grams of fibre is needed per adult, per day. Make sure you are getting your requirement. Beans, fruits, vegetables, and whole grains are excellent sources of fibre.

 There you go! By making simple changes in your regular diet, you can up your nutritional intake and not only feel healthier, but look great too. Happy eating


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