There are a host of different cheeses that you can fry apart from mozzarella!!


There are quite a few types of cheeses that you can fry for snacking apart from the good old mozzarella. Yes! Totally! And that too without breading or egg wash. Surprised? Read on.

Here you go:

  1. Halloumi: This brined cheese is firm and delicious. It has a high melting point that can withstand grilling and even deep frying. Result? A golden brown crust with a deliciously firm inside! The best way to have fried Halloumi is to salad it with watermelon, peppers and greens.
  2. Juustoleipa or Bread cheese: This one got its name due to its chewy texture. When fried, bread cheese takes on a toasted surface and its insides remain soft (Heat softens but does not melt bread cheese). Pair it with jam or use them as croutons in your soup and enjoy its goodness.
  3. Provolone: This Italian cheese that hails from Casilli is simply amazing. The trick to frying this is to cut thick pieces so it does not melt. The result will be a perfectly caramelized crust and gooey deliciousness in the centre. Add them to your favourite sandwiches and you will know why we call it amazing.
  4. Cottage cheese or Paneer: This one’s very similar to Halloumi. Doesn’t melt and holds itself perfectly when deep fried. This fresh Indian cheese is very versatile, and when fried, can be coupled with veggies, curries and even soups to add texture and taste.

Now go have fun trying them out.

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