4 things to avoid to eat clean


Healthy eating or ‘clean eating’ as it is now called, is not a Herculean Task. It just takes will power and the right steps to ace it.

Common mistakes such as being too strict with yourself and inconsistency can ruin your health regime. A few more things to avoid are as follows:

  1. Sugar: Get rid of sugar entirely. Sugar does no good to your body. Sweeteners such as 100% maple syrup and stevia are recommended instead.
  2. Fast food: Your body and pocket, both will thank you for this. Fast food is not just unhealthy it is also very expensive. Chuck it completely and start cooking at home. Plan meals and take care of yourself.
  3. Snack packs: Freshly cut veggies and fruits are clean food. Processed snack packs are NOT.
  4. Prepackaged foods: These foods are loaded with preservatives that can do a lot of harm. Avoid them and eat fresh.

Healthy eating is not just about eating right, it is also about avoiding the wrong.

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