4 Signs That Your Child Needs A Tutor


Does your child need a tutor? You should be able to decide that with ease but not many parents are able to understand.

There are parents who think their kids need tutors even though they don’t while there are parents who think their kids can do fine without tutors not realizing that the kids need help. There are also parents who are affirmative that kids must study on their own without tutoring. To eliminate the dilemma we have compiled a few signs that will show you that your child needs a tutor:

  1. Grades go down: If your child’s grades in a particular subjects have been going down continuously for 3-4 months, he may need help.
  2. Homework means meltdown: If your child absolutely hates to do homework and every time you have to get him to do home work, there is war, you should consider a tutor. Some kids behave like this because they are overwhelmed.
  3. Working too hard on homework: Some kids struggle with concepts and that makes them spend more than usual time on homework. If you see that your kid is doing the same – spending too much time on homework – consistently, he may need expert help.
  4. Behavioral changes: If you see that your child is suddenly getting irritated too easily or that small things are frustrating him, it may be because he is facing trouble academically.

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