5 Words That Show Your Boss You Are Lying


Lying to the boss is not easy. He can catch you in the act and if he does, he will show you the door. Of course, we are NOT suggesting that you lie to him and we are NOT encouraging it. This article is for fun cases such as when you are planning a surprise for him.

Here are a few signs that show clearly that you are lying. Steer clear of them and you’ll be a winner.

  1. Actually: Actually is an innocent word when used at the right time. When used unnecessarily, it shows that you are lying.
  2. Honestly: If you are emphasizing too much on the fact that you aren’t lying, you are probably lying.
  3. Confusing A and The: Liars usually confuse these 2 words. It is inadvertent and a classic sign of lies.
  4. Well: Liars need time to process what they are going to say to make it believable. Thus, they stall the conversation by using words such as “well.”
  5. May be: May be is a noncommittal word and is generally used to play safe.

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