Strangest things we like on Facebook have been revealed


A new Facebook tool has taught us quite a lot about the users. The Audience Optimization Tool helps us choose our preferred audience based on interests and some of the options given are, erm, hilarious.

The top options include technology, sports, fashion, shopping, music, mobile phones, instant messaging, reading, and so on. Yes, there’s nothing hilarious or shocking about these but if you look through and dig deeper, you will see God, narcissist parent, crying, shut up, envy, lie, punishment, and so on.

Facebook gives these options and pulls out relevant data based on the types of posts a person has on his/her wall. That means, it all depends on your activity on Facebook. It will choose where you belong.

Wondering which set(s) you come under? You might want to go through your wall immediately. 😉

Image Credits: ChristianChan/ iStock/ Thinkstock Photos


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