7 signs that you are in a toxic friendship


Some friendships can be really unhealthy for you. They can take you down and ruin your mood every single day. It is sad that we fail to recognize such friendships and cut the cord early.

If you have trouble too, this guide will help:

  1. From the clerk to the boyfriend to the neighbor, they have issues with just about anyone. They basically can’t get along with people.
  2. You can sit with your friend and come up with a bunch of solutions to her problems but she is likely to come up with just as many excuses.
  3. It is an old saying that you should be very careful about what your friend talks about other people. Chances are high that she is talking in the same way about you behind your back. If she only has negative stuff to say all the time, you better be wary.
  4. Anxiety creeps in when you are with your friend in public. Hey, being with a friend should make you happy! Not anxious!
  5. Whenever you sit down to talk, it is about your friend and never about you.
  6. You are almost scared of your friend. You get terrified that they will get mad at you and that’s why, barely say anything.
  7. You are emotionally drained after you spend time with your friend. Hanging out with friends is supposed to make you happy and not drain you!

If you can relate to any of these signs, you should cut the cord. Cut it now!

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