How to never over pack for a trip


What and how you pack for your trip usually depends on the type of travel you are intending to do and your chosen destination. But most of us pack a bit too much making us regret later when we lug the luggage around.

 If you are one of those over packers, here are a few tips for you to avoid it:

  • Always start by making a checklist. Enlist all the items that you would like to carry, on paper. Plan your outfits, include all the little things, and go through thoroughly before you embark on the packing journey. That way you will not miss out on anything important and you will have a vague beforehand idea on what all will go into your bag to help you choose the size of your suitcase.
  • Next, choose the right size of suitcase. A bigger than needed suitcase will get you to pack that much more. Its normal and its proven. So stick to a moderate size suitcase.
  • Minimize the number of clothes you carry by opting for items that you can wear in more than one outfits. Solid coloured bottoms, a neutral colour cardigan, white pants, and blue jeans are some wise options.
  • Carry light accessories. Avoid carrying fancy blings for all your outfit choices. Instead, just carry a few statement pieces that will help you pull off any look.
  • Carry your toiletries and hygiene products in sample sized bottles to save on space. Your perfumes, lotions, and shampoos can all go into the little babies that can fit just about anywhere.
  • Use a luggage scale at every stage of packing to maintain a tab on the weight of your luggage. You are unlikely to over pack if you are aware of max allowance on the plane.

There you go! Use the tips to travel light and enjoy the difference it makes. Bon Voyage!


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