How to stay motivated in a 9 to 5 job


A successful corporate job is a wonderful thing, except that spending a few years behind the corporate walls makes the place, work, and life monotonous. It is easy then, to get frustrated, when motivation dips and the lack of excitement in personal life, owing to the job, only adds to the stress.

If you are sitting in your cubicle wondering where your passion to change the world go, fret not.

Here are a few tips to stay motivated in a corporate job:

Tip #1: Stop caring so much. We certainly don’t mean cease to care about your work and the people around you. What we mean instead is, stop caring about the gossip and news around the company. Whether the decisions made by the top management do not resonate with you, the changes made to certain processes (you aren’t involved in) are disagreeable, or the guy at the end of the corridor is a closet strip dancer, care a damn. You don’t have to bother about anything and everything. Caring overtly about unnecessary issues will drain you down.

Tip # 2: Believe that smart work is better than hard work. If you work your ass off doing petty things that will get you nowhere and does not do significant good to the company, what’s the use of you working at all? ‘Just’ working hard will neither translate to numbers, nor move the stock price. Learn to say no to that random co-worker, that nosey project manager, or that dying-to-get-a-favour colleague. Only do work that will matter to the bottom line of the company or your team. Doing so, will help you gain better focus and stay motivated longer.

Tip #3: Start attaching a hell lot of imp to your attitude. Whether you are asking or something, complaining about something, or delegating something, keep your attitude strictly professional. Also, don not lose your conviction about the general goodness in people. Recognise it and acknowledge it. This will change the attitude of people towards you too and needless to say, office will be a better place to work in.

There you go. Climb up the success ladder wisely, so ten years down the line, you have no regrets of ruining your chances. Here’s wishing you all the best.


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