Tips on keeping a turtle for a pet


Turtles are wonderful pets. According to Feng Shui, a turtle represents longevity and good luck. With their adorable faces and designer shells, they make for gorgeous animals. Proper care of them will ensure the turtles live a long, healthy life.

If having a pet turtle figures in your list of to-dos, here are a few tips on keeping them well:

  1. Keep your turtle indoors in glass tanks preferably. Make sure the tank is large enough for the turtles to move around freely besides having a rock and other equipment. Also, keep shifting the turtle into larger tanks as it grows.
  2. Turtles need UVB rays and a lot of warm basking. Make sure they either have access to direct sunlight, or appropriate artificial lights.
  3. In order to assemble a turtle’s living space for optimum care, you will need a substrate of gravel, basking log, water filter, submersible water heater (optional according to the weather). Consider investing in a siphon and hose too. They will come in handy when cleaning the turtle tank.
  4. Adding a small amount of salt to the water in which the turtle is housed is a good idea.
  5. Contrary to what most people believe, turtles are surprisingly active animals. Although they are ungainly on land, they can climb and run real quick sometimes. Make sure you have a wading pool handy to let the turtle have its way sometimes.
  6. While juvenile turtles are carnivores, adults often are omnivores. Make sure you give your turtle a variety of food. Commercially available high quality pellets are a good option. Else, you can feed them, strawberries, cat kibble, leafy veggies, pondweeds, fish, crickets, shrimp and even mosquito larvae!
  7. Turtles do not produce saliva. Therefore, they need to submerge themselves in water in order to eat. If they accidently eat when outside the water, they risk getting choked.

There you go! Get your fancy friend now. Happy petting.


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