Things you SHOULD do in your Internship


Alright, you got a good internship and it’s going to be a pleasure adding the company’s name to your resume. But is that enough to land you a dream job? No. Positions in companies in this day and age are highly competitive and you do not do a few things, you might miss on opportunities to stand out.

Here are those ‘few things’ that you should be doing:

  • Make it a habit to take notes. Each time your supervisor call you over, take along a pen and paper and jot down all that you get from what he speaks. That way you will remember everything, avoid mistakes, and also appear organized.
  • Send out thank you cards often. Handwritten thank you notes are even better. Thank your boss after the interview for their time, thank your co-workers for their support and thank your supervisors for all the guidance. This shows that you care about your experience with the company and it will up your chances for consideration for future job opportunities.
  • Don’t be a know it all. Always be open to learning from your supervisors. Observe their way of working and then emulate it if you find it inspiring.
  • Your internship is your chance at taking advantage of everything thrown at you. Don’t shy away from taking up voluntary work. The more people you get to work with, the more you learn. This will help you a great deal when you apply for real jobs.

There you go!  Take advantage of your opportunity and shape your future better. All the best.


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