Stretching your Wardrobe Wisely


Shopping is always fun but once you are done shopping you will realize how much you actually spent and then you will get sad because shopping can indeed drain your wallet. Here are awesome ways to stay in budget as well as to keep experimenting with various styles:

1. Swap with friends: You are not the only one who is bored of her wardrobe collection. Look around and you will find numerous friends facing the same crisis. Thus, instead of spending loads of dollars on shopping, swap your clothes. You can have a casual meeting with your close friends. You can ask them to bring clothes that they no longer want to use and then check which ones you like. You can distribute among yourselves and have new fashions!

2. Getting creative: Instead of buying every new thing, check what you already have and get creative with it. There might be items in your closet that you haven’t touched in a while. Get them out, mix and match and you will have a brand new style to adorn.

3. Impulsive buying: Instead of going for impulsive buys and settling with cheap quality things, you should save up and only buy great styles. This is one way of having a fresh and fashionable wardrobe for long.

4. Second hand: Thrift stores are a steal. You will find numerous clothes that are stylish, chic and more importantly, cheap! Make sure you have enough time to spend at the thrift store though. You will have to look through a lot so that you find something worth purchasing.


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