Different Kinds of Closet Organizers


Can’t find your favorite black dress exactly when you need it? Is the red top lost in your pile of clothes in the cupboard? It is time to take some time out and start organizing! You can use closet organizers to make things easier for you. Most of these are affordable and you can install them yourself. Here are a few such closet organizers:

1. Shelving units: A few good shelves will definitely save a lot of space in your closet. You don’t need to hang up all your clothes for sure. You can simply fold them and place them in shelves. Just look through a few guidelines over the Internet and install the shelves yourself.

2. Valet rods: Rods can save you a lot of space and give you lots of hanging space. They are easy to find and easy to install too. Don’t buy old wire hangers though. They are not safe for clothes. Go for other choices such as plastic and wood.

3. Hanging bags: Buy canvas hanging bangs and you will simply love them. You can use them for anything that you don’t want to hang. They come with shelves, pockets, and drawers too! Slide them onto the closet bar and you are done!

4. Shoe boxes: Instead of throwing your shoes in your closet and subjecting them to a lot of damage, store them in clear plastic boxes. This will make it easier for you to find the right pair when needed and your shoes will be very easily organized. You also have the option of buying a shoe bag if you wish.

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